Principal Investigator

Dr. Sam Musallam
He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and an Associate Member of the Department of Physiology, both at McGill University, Montreal, QC, Canada. He is also Canada Research Chair in Bioengineering. He leads the Neural Prosthetics Laboratory at McGill University, which investigates the neuro-scientific aspects of developing optimal neural prosthetic devices, and also develops implantable devices for measurement of biological signals in the brain and body.
Dr. Musallam
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PhD Candidates

Mohammad Poustinchi, PhD candidate (Electrical Engineering)
He is an electrical engineer and joined NPL in September 2008. He is a PhD candidate and his research interests are Brain-Chip Neural Interfaces and Mixed Signal Biological Circuits. His specialty is in Analog and Digital (Mixed Signal) VLSI design and he is familiar with several Microfabrication processes (MEMS). His current project is developing a biocompatible CMOS Implantable Opto-Electrochemical micro-system for neural prosthetics. He is also developing an accelerometer based Implantable eye tracking micro-system. His other responsibility is organizing the engineering section of the NPL in addition to hardware and software technical support.
Greg Stacey, PhD candidate (Physiology)
I'm interested in how hand and eye movements are computed by the brain. In the Musallam lab, I work on arm movements made in conjunction with saccade and pursuit eye movements. I believe studying how the brain generates visually-guided arm movements from rapidly changing visual information can provide a better understanding of motor control. I'm also interested in the biophysics of electric fields generated by neurons. Before joining the Musallam lab I worked on solar system dynamics and the interesting properties of near-Earth asteroids.
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MEng Candidates (Electrical Engineering)

Victor ZhengYao Lu

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Honours Electrical Engineering from McGill University (Fall 2012). He joined NPL in September 2013 as a Masters (thesis) student in Electrical Engineering and is expected to graduate in August 2015. He is interested in Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) with emphasis on brain signal decoding using Machine Learning algorithms.
Brendan Thorn
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NPL Alumni

Anurag Umraiya
He joined NPL in Fall 2007 as a MEng Student (Electrical Engineering). He graduated in Summer 2009.
Daniel Gottesman
He joined NPL In May 2009 as a Electrical Engineering Summer student. He Completed his project in September 2009.
Kareem Amin
He graduated from McGill with B.Eng (Electrical Engineering) and a minor in physics and worked in the NPL lab from May - August 2008. He is now working at Microsoft.
Nasr Madi
He joined NPL in Fall 2007 as a MEng Student (Electrical Engineering). He graduated in Summer 2009.
Benjamin Lourtau
Dr. Mehran Talebinejad (PhD), Post Doctoral Fellow
Andrianos Argyropoulos
Henry Lee
Karan Singh
Rishi Rajalingham
Caitlin Wharin
Catherine Gross
Georgios Tsoulfas
Alina Dragomir BSc Neuroscience
Grace Brooks, BSc Physics & Physiology
Kelly Bullock
Rubing Xu
George Xereas
Nathan Friedman
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